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BugLady’s Butterfly Summer

Buy this book!           Read this book! Share this book with your spouse, your significant other, your kids! Enter the world of moth and butterfly rearing and start a journey every bit as fascinating as climbing the highest mountain or hiking around the world. The Bug Lady will be your guide.    Warning: it’s addictive!
Douglas Tallamy, author of Bringing Nature Home and Nature's Best Hope Linda Auld’s never failing sense of wonder carries the reader through fifteen nature expeditions in her delicious new book, “BugLady’s Butterfly Summer.” Each adventure opens up the fascinating private world of a new butterfly, presented so joyfully that reading feels like entering a fairy tale. Thirty high quality color plates offer a veritable field guide to what can be found in garden and woodlands, and those looking for information will not be disappointed. The author’s deep and wide experiences raising butterflies—their ranges, habitats, host plants and life cycles—are shared as if she is your best friend. This is the best read featuring a female adventurer and a caterpillar since “Alice in Wonderland.” - Ginna Hoff
Buglady's Butterfly Summer by Linda Auld

Buglady's Butterfly Summer by Linda Auld


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