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NOLA BugLady is retiring!

NOLA BugLady's Butterfly Plants       will not be re-opening in September!

NOTE: Closing the Barber Laboratories store will free up my schedule for making speeches, promoting native plants, doing butterfly projects, plus writing more books and selling them. Retirement is beginning to sound b-u-s-y!

2 thoughts on “NOLA BugLady is retiring!

  1. Anne Barnes

    Linda, I’m so happy for you and so sad for us to lose your wonderful store. It’s selfish I know but please take it as the compliment it is - my g-kids are always so scheduled when they come and I’d always wanted to bring them in and let them release a butterfly with you. They love and use your book up here in Maryland. I know you will keep up all your work so well still see and work with you.
    Happy Retirement! Anne Barnes

    1. NOLA BugLady

      My dear friend, Anne- Thank you! Yes, my butterfly work will continue. Am brewing up some BIG ONES for next year so stay tuned @


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