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Linda enjoys sharing the knowledge by presenting assorted nature topics to schoolgroups, garden clubs, and plant societies. She has been a speaker at Hilltop Arboretum, Crosby Arboretum, New Orleans City Park and many other places.

(Left) Photograph, Caroline Dormon Collection, from the NSU Cammie G. Henry Research Center. (Right) Illustrations by Caroline Dormon from "Flowers Native to the Deep South."

"Caroline Dormon
Louisiana Pioneer Woman"

Artist, Author, Conservationist, Preservationist, Teacher

Celebrating her intriguing life, phenomenal accomplishments, books filled with her fantastic wildflower drawings, her passion for conservation, and Briarwood, her unforgettable nature retreat. View Linda delivering her presentation via Zoom to the Louisiana Master Naturalists of Greater New Orleans. 

"Saving Our Monarchs"

Project: MONARCH in 2014 explains the Monarch crisis, and how to identify signs of the new protozoan parasite, "O.E.".  Learn the difference between tropical milkweed and the native milkweeds.  Hear about the organizations who are addressing this issue and how you can help.

"Pollinator Gardening to attract Bees, Hummingbirds and Butterflies"

A look at some specialized native bees! Assorted host and nectar selections that will invite a variety of native pollinators plus the life cycles of the butterflies these plants will attract.

"Geaux Grow Natives!"

View Spring and Fall Plant Showcases of specially selected native caterpillar host and nectar plants. See life cycles of the butterflies these plants will attract plus pictures of the 2019 tour promotional events held at the garden centers who are selling them.

"Plant it and They Will Come!"

See the life cycles of twelve common garden butterflies and their caterpillar host plants. Learn comparison of swallowtail sizes and different colorations for male vs. female. Visit different garden locations to see the plants in action attracting butterflies.