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BugLady’s Butterfly Summer
by Linda Auld

Thirty high quality color plates offer a veritable field guide to what can be found in garden and woodlands, and those looking for information will not be disappointed. The author’s deep and wide experiences raising butterflies—their ranges, habitats, host plants and life cycles. 109 pages, 31 Color Plates
$25.00 + tax
$5.00 shipping 

Flowers Native to the Deep South
by Caroline Dormon

176 pages, 33 Color Plates and 102 Text Illustrations
$ 35.00 + tax                                               $5.00 shipping


The Gift of the Wild Things - The Life of Caroline Dormon
by Fran Holmon Johnson                 
168 pages                                 $30.00  + tax                                               $5.00 shipping           

Adventures in Wildflowers: The Timeless Writings of Caroline Dormon
Edited by Fran Holman

227 pages: Fifty articles written by Caroline Dormon
$ 30.00 + tax                                          $5.00 shipping